We are here to help! Our University just released the final set of guidelines for online Admission. We compiled everything in one place to assist with your application.

Updated Last Friday 16, May 2020

Your online application has 3 distinct stages:

  • 1
    Registration. You provide a valid email to obtain a temporary account to login to the module and start inputting your data.
  • 2
    Data entry. You login using your temporary account and input your data.
  • 3
    Final confirmation. When you finish data entry you click submit then click okay to finalize your application. You will receive your Applicant Account in your email indicating the system has received your application.
  • 1
    WVSUCAT passers refer to those applicants who meet the minimum score for the course they are applying for. Valid scores refer to the results of applicants who took the WVSUCAT exam for AY 2020-21.
  • 2
    Applicants who filed their college application personally or through email before May 15, 2020 are still required to submit online through the IUIS.
  • 3
    Undergraduate applicants must personally register and apply online.
  • 4
    Applicants may only apply for admission to any of the three priority programs indicated in the WVSUCAT Form. Changes to the priority programs are not allowed.
  • 5
    The applicant must fill out the Applicant Module with the required data. Refer to the detailed instructions on how to fill out the Online Application Module. Also, provide or attach the following documents:
    • * scanned image or photo of the applicant
    • * scanned image or photo of the Senior High GWA for first semester
  • 6
    Only those applicants who have complete documents will be scheduled for interview. For some colleges that have other requirements, the applicants must comply to be eligible for the interview. Any additional requirements must be sent by email to the college.
  • 7
    The applicant who meets the requirements stated in step 5 will be notified via email of the schedule of the interview. In case two or more colleges have set the same schedule for interview, the applicant must notify the other colleges so he or she will be given a new schedule.
  • 8
    The interview will be done online or via a phone call. Instruction on the conduct of the interview will be posted later.
  • 9
    Qualified applicant will be notified via email. If the applicant is qualified for admission to more than one college, the applicant must choose the course and email the intent to enroll to the college of his/her choice.
  • 10
    Once the college receives the intent to enroll, the college will schedule the applicant for Physical Examination. Instructions on the Physical Exam will be posted later.
  • 11
    The applicant who passes the PE will finally be marked as ACCEPTED and ready for online enrollment. Instructions on the conduct of the online enrollment will be posted later.
  • 12
    Applicants to the Main Campus who fail to qualify for admission may submit their WVSUCAT result for possible admission to an External Campus of WVSU. Likewise, applicants to the External campuses may use their WVSUCAT result to apply for admission to other External campuses.
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